Euro-Pro Deluxe Ironing Board Replacement Cover, size 18″ x 57″ Asymmetrical

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AlumiTek Replacement cover made specifically for the Euro Pro Deluxe Ironing Board with the Asymmetrical placement of the nose. This cover is straight on one side with a slanted triangular shaped nose.

This cover measures 18 inches wide and 57 inches long. There were models of this board which also had a sleeve board option. This cover does not provide the replacement sleeve cover.

  • Aluminum Coated Top Layer
  • Fully Adjustable Elastic Bungee Cord Fit System – Pull Bungee cord to adjust for the perfect custom fit. Our covers are designed to fit multiple shapes of Ironing Boards. Our Covers have a unique design in creating a perfect fit for your ironing board.
  • 3 Connecting Strap Bands provided to strap securely underneath the belly of the ironing board for added secure fit. The bands are fully adjustable & can be cut to the desired length.
  • 3 Layer Padding adhered & constructed together as one-piece to eliminate any wrinkles, providing a crease-free ironing surface. Top Layer is Coated with AlumiTek Coating, Foam Inner Layer & Felt padded bottom layer
  • AlumiTek is our unique coating technology providing exceptional Heat-Retention & Heat-Reflection for superior performance. All of our fabrics are coated in-house in ITALY! AlumiTek Textile treatment provides exceptional heat-reflection & heat-retention with an easy-glide ironing surface performance.
  • Our covers are Produced from the highest quality material in ITALY & all textiles are treated in-house in ITALY! All of our products are produced in Fair-Trade Facilities & come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY!

AlumiTek Pro by Tivit is the ultimate in textile technology for scorch resistance & heat-retention. It is constructed of 3 layers, engineered for optimum & efficient ironing performance. It’s the perfect cover for high-volume ironing or steaming. AlumiTek Pro technology allows for the iron to glide smoothly while reflecting heat, providing efficiency in ironing time and better results. Our AlumiTek Pro ironing board covers obtain heat-retention properties unmatched & perform at a higher level than the basic silicone coated fabrics. ??Our ironing board covers attain the highest quality in the industry, with European workmanship & attention to detail. All of our covers are one-piece construction allowing for Crease-Free ironing surface. The technology & engineering of our various textile treatments have been carefully designed to suit the different types of ironing, pressing or steaming required. We are referred to as the pioneers in the industry for our unique approach to engineering textiles. Choosing the right cover for your ironing board makes all the difference when it comes to garment-care! There is no other component that plays a bigger role than the Ironing board surface itself. The efficiency of the process & the results are based on the type of technology & construction of the cover. Quality, durability & performance of our products is what makes our covers stand out. Our products are individually crafted & our quality control is unmatched. Therefore, you may purchase with confidence, as we stand behind our products & your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Weight 15 lbs