Premium Felt Padding

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Extra Large 19” x 55” Inch with Thick Polyester Felt Ironing Pad in Natural White – Universal Fit

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The perfect thick felt padding for when you require an extra layer of protection on your ironing board. The padding is made from Needle-punched polyester with a thick & dense structure. This padding will last you a very long time & it will eliminate any “mesh patterns” you were permitting through previously. It also helps with allowing your iron to push the steam through easier and faster allowing for a more efficient ironing experience.

  • Polyester Needle-punched Premium Felt
  • Dense Structure – Quick Recoup to plush from pressing and very durable against heat & moisture
  • Premium Plush – 19” Wide x 55” Length – Needle-Punched with the ideal thickness of 3/8-inch to provide a smooth & non-slip ironing surface
  • Quick Dry – High-quality pad allowing for moisture to breathe through while evaporating moisture quickly. Suitable for Ironing & Pressing
  • Pad only – Cover not included
  • For The Best Fit – Cut to the exact size of your ironing board. Lay your ironing board upside down on the pad to draw an outline, then cut along the lines created.