Gray Silicone Iron Rest

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Perfect addition to any Ironing Board or Iron Pad without a dedicated Iron Rest Station

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  • Silicone
  • Size – 9.375 Inches in Length & 5.5 Inches Wide (Oval Shaped to accommodate different shape & size irons)
  • Iron Rest – Low profile Silicone hot iron placement unit fitting majority size irons
  • Temperature Threshold – Up to 428 degrees in Fahrenheit or 220 degrees Celsius.
  • Silicone Material – Help in protecting any surface and perfect for Iron Boards, Iron Mats or pads and can also be used in laundry rooms as Iron Cooling station
  • Quality – Durable for continuous and repetitive use. Easy to clean and wash.

The silicone Iron Rest from Tivit is a great addition to any ironing board without a dedicated iron rest section. The silicone properties do a great job at protecting any surface while transferring minimal heat to the surface it makes contact with. The raised dots on the silicon pad further enhance the protective qualities of this Iron Rest. It may be used with Ironing Boards or if you generally use an ironing pad or mat, this can serve as a safe Iron Rest Station on the side.