TIVIT Iron Board Accessories Bundle

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3 Item Kit – Iron-Sole Protector for ironing delicate garments, Iron Cleaning Kit & Silicone Iron Rest

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  • 3 Item Bundle – 3 great products for efficient ironing, while maintaining the performance of your iron & keeping your garments, protected
  • Iron Sole Shield – Protect Delicate Garments by slipping directly on to your iron & fasten securely in place with the provided metal spring
  • 3 Piece Clean & Maintenance Kit – Clean, Maintain & bring your iron back to life. 1. Reservoir solution provided to clean the iron’s steam channels 2. Brush head to clean excessive grime from iron steam holes 3. Soleplate polish cream to bring back the glide & shine
  • Gray Silicone Iron Rest – 9.375″ L x 5.5” W high-quality hot iron placement fitting all major size irons
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In this bundle, you will receive a total of 3 items for one low price. All the essential accessories for efficient and convenient ironing. You will receive our: 1. Iron Sole Shield for ironing delicates and not having to worry about Shine Marks. The Iron Sole Shield slides on quickly to protect your garments from direct heat, hence leaving no shine marks on your most delicate clothing. 2. You will receive our cleaning kit to clean the steam channels of your iron free from calcium built up, a brush to manually clean the steam ways further if required and finally our soleplate cleaning cream to bring back the glide and shine to your iron’s soleplate. 3. Finally, we have also included a Silicone Iron Rest in this kit to keep your hot iron safely off of your ironing board or any other surface