Iron-Sole Cleaning Kit


3 Easy steps cleaning kit, maintain & ensure the efficient & proper function of your Iron. Quickly restoring the glide of the Iron soleplate

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  • 3 Piece Clean & Maintenance Kit – Clean, Maintain and bring your iron back to life
  • Easy 3 Step Cleaning – all required items included in this kit, follow the steps below:
  • 1. Pour the included solution into the iron Reservoir, once warm, press the steam button (As instructed on packaging and only attempt while the sole of the iron is away from you and others)
  • 2. Use the included brush to brush away any additional residue and particles out of the iron steam holes (allow the iron to cool before attempting to manually clean)
  • 3. Warm up the iron to about 60 degrees and paint a thin layer on the iron sole with the stick. As the iron becomes cool to the touch, rub the layer away with a soft cloth and bring back the smooth glide for best ironing efficiency

The Iron Cleaning kit comes with the 3 required items to help in maintaining the performance of your iron and to ensure that your iron is not damaging your garments with residue or calcium built up. Maintaining the performance of your iron will allow you to iron more efficiently by breaking down and cleaning away any calcium build-up. Irons are designed to maintain and produce a minimum level of steam to manipulate the fibers of the garments efficiently in bringing them to a wrinkle-free state. Over time, water residue and minerals clog the inner channels of your iron. You can easily loosen-up the build up in the channels with the solution drops included and further brush them clean with the included brush-head. Lastly, use the cleaning stick specially formulated for the iron soleplate to improve glide while removing starch and other build-up tarnishes with the included specially formulated polish.