Over The Door Ironing Board Cover 42” x 14” – Made For Homz Door Mounted Ironing Board w/ Grommets

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Cover with Grommets for Ironing Boards with Hinges that require a Fold-Over type of Cover such as the Homz Over the Door Ironing Board.

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  • 2 Grommets – The Cover is produced with two grommets at the bottom. The cover is to be folded over before the hinges of the board and hooked on to the latches/pins on the under the belly frame of the ironing board. Please see the photos.
  • 3 Layer Construction – This Heath-Reflective cover is made up of 3 layers with the top layer coated with AlumiTek Silicone Coating for Optimum Performance! The padding is made of Foam and Felt backing. All Layers are adhered together for a wrinkle-free Ironing Experience. The Top layer is also perforated with Mirco-Holes to prevent the garments to stick to the surface while wicking the moisture away rapidly.

  • Pull Bungee – The Stain Resistant cover is constructed with 2 pull bungee cords on each side of the cover. You can pull to adjust the fit to the desired fit.

  • AlumiTek Scorch Resistant Coating – Our textiles are treated properly as they are fully Submerged in the Coating Solution, Passed Through Rollers, and Oven Baked to ensure optimum bonding to the textile as opposed to having the coating being printed or sprayed on. Consequently, when you receive our covers, they will feel thicker and will show fold lines and Wrinkles. The wrinkles will disappear after the cover is installed and ironed.

  • Layers and Construction – This cover is produced from 3 Layers to provide the optimum ironing Performance. The Inner Foam layer is crucial to allowing the iron to breathe properly. The Felt padding underneath provides the required comfort while ensuring garments are not taking on imprints from the board. All 3 Layers are adhered together using a “Flash-Flame” Process instead of using adhesives. This technique ensures the durability of the cover while limiting the output of related fumes.



This AlumiTek Scorch & Stain Resistant, Heath-Reflective with 3 Layer Construction is specifically made and designed for the Homz Over the Door Ironing Board which requires Grommets and pull bungee cord on the additional 3 sides. Additionally, this cover is designed with a wider Flat Nose to accommodate the required dimensions of the mentioned Ironing Board.

AlumiTek Pro by Tivit is the ultimate in textile technology for scorch resistance & heat-retention. It is constructed of 3 layers, engineered for optimum & efficient ironing performance. It’s the perfect cover for high-volume ironing or steaming. AlumiTek Pro technology allows for the iron to glide smoothly while reflecting heat, providing efficiency in ironing time and better results. Our AlumiTek Pro ironing board covers obtain heat-retention properties unmatched & perform at a higher level than the basic silicone coated fabrics.

Quality, durability & performance of our products is what makes our covers stand out. Our products are individually crafted & our quality control is unmatched. Therefore, you may purchase with confidence, as we stand behind our products & your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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