Slide On Iron Sole Shield


Protect delicate garments from the direct iron heat with the soleplate cover leaving no Shine Marks – Universal size iron sole quick install, Color/milky-white

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  • Silicone
  • Size – 10 Inches in Length & 6 Inches Wide (Oval Shaped to accommodate different shape & size irons)
  • Iron Sole Shield – Slip directly on your iron & fasten securely in place with the provided metal spring
  • Protect Delicate Garments – No need to use an additional protective layer to keep garments from burning or leaving shine marks. The Iron Sole efficiently protects your garments and saves you time
  • Reduce Ironing Time – Eliminate the hassle of turning garments inside out or using additional products to protect fabrics
  • Universal Fit – Fits a majority of irons with the unique design

The Iron Sole Shield has been designed to protect delicate fabrics & garments from the direct heat of the iron so that you don’t create any shine marks on your clothing.  Quick, fast and easy installment by sliding it onto the soleplate of an iron then securing it in place with the included metal spring.  Universal size design, allowing it to fit most standard size irons. When using the Iron Sole you can iron any fabric directly with the desired temperature.  Eliminating the need to place any additional fabrics or mesh guards in between the garment and the iron.  More efficient ironing, rather than having to continuously line up the garment and the protecting-mesh. Iron your garments with peace of mind while protecting your iron’s soleplate from zippers. Additionally, garments can be ironed on the “show” side of your clothing or “outer-side” if so desired with the Iron Sole.  This makes ironing pleats and creases so much easier and faster. The Iron Sole attached glides easily over all fabrics while allowing the iron to pass the required amount of steam to garments without ever allowing the iron soleplate to make direct contact with the garment.