TIVIT Ironing Board Cover – Superior Scorch & Stain Resistant, High Heat Reflection Padded Covers




Why Italian Craftsmanship is Superior:

HISTORY; With 40 years of experience in textile innovation and, over 100,000+ happy customers! TIVIT TaniumTek ironing board covers are the result of quality, durability, & high standards of production with Your Needs in Mind.

QUALITY; Made in Italy means you can trust the manufacturing process as we exceed all of the Strict European Manufacturing standards in providing a safe working environment for our employees, & producing products that meet all of the consumer safety standards, in fair-trade facilities.

PERFORMANCE; Each cover is treated by submerging them in a Titanium coating solution, then baked so that the coating is infused to the textile, to guarantee it doesn’t flake off & onto your clothing while ironing. The top layer is adhered to the inner Foam layer & the bottom Felt layer through a Flash-Flame process. This intensive process eliminates the use of any adhesives, & ensures that there are no fumes produced during your ironing or pressing process. Each cover has hundreds of micro-holes on the surface to ensure breathability and moisture evaporation. The Titanium surface provides superior heat-reflection & heat-retention, along with maximum scorch & stain resistance.

Improved Hold – Enjoy the flexibility granted by the Pull-Bungee Cord System with the ability to easily adjust and pull the cover taut to your ironing boards. For stability, the iron board cover has 3 adjustable fasteners, which tighten the cover snugly underneath the board for the best grip on the market! Measure Twice Purchase Once – 1 size does not fit all! Always measure your ironing board surface area before purchase.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our ironing board covers come with a 2-year warranty (please keep package insert for warranty information) IRONING BOARD NOT INCLUDED


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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Binding Type

Fully Adjustable Pull-Bungee Binding cord

Number of Layers

3 Layers

Textile Type/Treatment


Type of Layers

Felt Bottom Layer, Foam Mid-Layer, TitaniumTek Coated Top Layer

Velcro Straps

3 Velcro Straps


Solid Royal Blue