TIVIT 15” x 48” Minky Ironing Board Cover & Pad


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  • Cheap Covers Falling Apart? – Sick and Tired of low-grade ironing board covers? Thin, poorly coated fabrics disintegrating with normal use? Don’t panic – We’ve got you covered!
  • Innovative Construction – Triple layer textile innovation, in one versatile package. Our Ironing board covers are optimized for dynamic heat reflection and retention thanks to our durable AlumiTek Coated top layer; rolled and baked to ensure an unparalleled bond above, below and within the cotton fibers. Resisting scorching while maintaining a slick and supportive ironing surface thanks to our second-tier foam layer. Optimized for the perfect harmony of comfort and breathability.
  • Crease-Free, Every Time! – Our ironing board covers’ third layer of specially selected felt works actively to rapidly wick away excess moisture. Drawing it away from your garments, to deliver a consistently smooth surface, free from damp patches so you can enjoy crease-free, ironing – every time.
  • Iron-Clad! – All three layers are uniquely heat-sealed into one powerful active surface, allowing all three textile technologies to function with total synergy. Supported by our Smart-Fit bungee system that gives you total versatility when dealing with oddly shaped boards or difficult angles, to provide a snug fit you can depend on. Held even more firmly in place by 3 fully inclusive connecting band-straps, fully adjustable to provide the ultimate grip beneath the ironing board itself.
  • Our Promise – We know you can trust our ironing board covers; so we offer a full 2-year warranty, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!